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Welcome to the world of Evaleece.

Evaleece is made up of two large continents and many smaller ones. The two larger ones are ruled by different militaristic factions.

Midgar, is located to the east surrounded by the midnight sea. Midgar is a very beautiful and tropical place. This continent is covered in vast plains, forests, deserts and much more.

Midgar is home to the Terrinian federation. The Terrinian federation is comprised of many species and races. They strive for peace but also have a large army and will stop at nothing to protect their people.

Argonia is located in the northwestern region surrounded by large jagged mountains. These mountains are loosely called the “Teeth of the Dragon Lord” Argonia is largely mountainous terrain with some pockets of forests and deserts.

Argonia is comprised of many militaristic factions each with their own Warlords. The factions do not always agree with each other, however a pact was formed a millenia ago to prevent individual factions from causing too much trouble. Recently, an Argonian Warlord by the name of Kargoth, has begun plans to break this pact and wage war on the other factions and to invade Midgar.

The remaining continents are scattered around the world. The larger of these continents have treaties with the two main lands. There are several smaller uncharted continents as well. Many have attempted to explore these, but they never return.

Home Page

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